Atomic Blogging

“The atom is a very small thing, yet very powerful when split. The smallest acts are like atoms. They often turn out to be the most important acts of our lives. So once I identify the big, scary, imagined task as a distortion produced by my own worried mind, I want to go small, as small as possible.”
– Steve Chandler

Here is the depository for my unprocessed thoughts. This is the processing. If I had to make every thought perfect and publishable first, then I would never think. It would be too laborious.
When is  a thought completely finished?
Here I write: thought by thought, sentence by sentence, word by word, and even punctuation mark by punction mark.
I’m arranging particles into a substance.
For me, writing is not a process of publication. It is a process of transformation. The substance is not a good post.
Who cares about that?

The substances is me.


Hrvatski: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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