I want to talk about those books that we always “meant” to read, but we never had “the time”. The books that just sit on the shelf, but we cant bring ourselves to give them up.

Why do I keep these books there, sitting on my shelf day after day like useless freeloaders. A book is only as useful as it is useful to me now. I must have felt the need of that use when I first obtained it, but if that need has passed, why hold on to it? If I’m counting on it’s use in the future, I’m banking on a need or possibility that may never come or that I could even do without.

So why not make use of it now?

Your options:
Read it.
Give it to a friend.
Sell it.
Get creative. (take bits and pieces of it with you.)

There is no perfect book out there. Only the one you’ve found.



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