How to Create A Sustainable Bible Reading Habit

All Bible-readers were once just wannabe-Bible-readers. The truth is, it can be difficult to start a habit of reading the Bible. Even for those natural readers who sprang from their mothers’ wombs reading Chronicles and Habakuk still find themselves in reading ruts from time to time. When faced with this problem, most of us just generally put it off. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute, finding that perfect book of the Bible for this “season” of your life, or that perfect reading plan, or that devotional that is just “you” from top to bottom: all of these things are just procrastination. You know and I know that that reading plan did not make your Bible reading habit any easier, at least not for long. Otherwise, you probably would not still be here reading this. So how do we actually create a sustainable Bible reading habit?

Pick Up Your Bible

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Just pick up your Bible. Im not joking. Just make it a habit to literally pick it up everyday. Touch it with both hands. And while you are touching it, you might as well open it and read one verse. Not one chapter. Not one book. Not one devotional. One verse.
Trust me, God will not say, “What? One verse? Is that how important my word is to you? You should’ve at least read the whole chapter.” He would probably say something like: ”One verse! Im so glad you read my word today!”

Get Hooked

Of course, I’m counting on you getting hooked. Maybe you’ll read the next verse because you’re interested, or maybe you’ll just keep on reading through the night because hey, Elisha does some pretty crazy things.
The important thing is that you make your obligation as small and easy as possible. Therefore when you choose to read or read more, you are choosing to do so out of a pure desire for that activity, and not guilt or responsibility. You’re reading habit should be motivated by your desire to read the Bible not the guilt of fulfilling a Christian obligation.
Just keep on picking it up.

Read with Grace

The reading strategy that I am proposing here is one of grace. You cannot earn salvation or righteousness or even wisdom by just reading more of the Bible. If this is your mindset then you are bound to run into trouble. No amount of study or discipline will ever be enough. Trust me, I’ve been there.
Instead, take on a perspective of grace. You don’t have or

need to do anything. God already loves you a ton. In fact, he loves you just as much as he loves those womb-springing-bibliophiles. Therefore, let every verse be a bonus. Read because you want to, not because you have to.