To learn a language is to love a language.

To learn a language is to fall in love with that language.
You’ll learn its ways. Its movements. You’ll obsess over its texts. [1]
And being in love is perhaps the best way to learn because in this state learning becomes natural. You naturally devote attention to the things you love. your beloved is no chore or check on a to-do list.
You are never done with your beloved.
And you are never done learning a language, even if you achieve ultimate, maximum, beyond 9000 fluency. If you don’t maintain that language, it will leave you. [2] You have to stay in touch. You have to maintain that relationship. You have to be humble enough to accept your own shortcomings. You’ll have to make sacrifices. You’ll have to pay the cost,
but it’s fun too. Like a relationship, its not all commitment and sacrifice. Sometimes its coffee or movies or traveling.


1. See what I did there?
2. Ask any polyglot.