Autoplay your way to L2

The world should probably give the guy who gave Netflix streaming the auto-play feature a Nobel prize because he is a genius. (This might be an exaggeration, but if everyone just calmed down and got a Netflix account who would have time for war?)

Easy to binge and hard to turn off without making an immediate effort to stop it, the autoplay feature is both a welcome and notorious companion to our Netflix experience. If you don’t act fast (and who does?) then you may get sucked in to the next show…. and the next show… and the next. If you want to apply this deceptively simple addiction to your language learning experience, you can, and it’s easy.


Smart Video for Youtube

Get this Chrome extension to set Youtube to autoplay and auto-replay a video.
You can also make a playlist to auto-play several videos. Now find all the L2 themed content your heart desires. Youtube has plenty of it. Make a playlist hours long so you never have to worry about stopping and restarting, and then just run it all day.


This site gives you the option of making playlists of the youtube videos you choose and then will loop that playlist. Tubalr also makes suggestions about other related videos.

Stop binging on Bob’s Burgers and start getting addicted to the language you are┬ástudying. Imagine, when your friends or family look down condescendingly at you sitting on the couch and ask, “What did you

Bob's Burgers

Bob’s Burgers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

do today?” you can respond, “Study.”